Don’t replace your roof until you read this. Classic Superoof is an insurance claim specialist.

Texas Residents can take advantage of substantial savings on their homeowner’s insurance by installing Underwriter Laboratories (UL2218) hail-resistant Class 4 rated roof systems. Most metal roofs qualify for this insurance discount. Oftentimes one can save up to 35% off of the normal annual premium.

We are installers/distributors for several of the Class 4 UL2218 hail-resistant roofing systems.

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If you would like more information on homeowner’s insurance discounts due to the Class 4 UL2218 hail-resistant roofing system click here to access the Texas Department of Insurance .

Selecting the Right Roof for Your Home

One mistake that new homeowners often make is selecting the type and color of the roofing materials for their home, but leaving the specific brand choice to the contractor. It’s important to understand that weight, warranty or cost are not effective measures of the quality or reliability of roofing products. We have investment grade roofing that pays you to own it. Don’t rent your roof! Owning your roof lets you save money on insurance claims, insurance premiums, energy consumption, and maintenance costs, as well as adding curb appeal.

When selecting a new roof, consider three things:

  • How resistant to the elements is the roofing material? – weathering, hail impact, wind or fire.
  • How complete a warranty are you being offered? Does it cover everything you need it to?
  • Does your contractor have impeccable references and a reputation for customer satisfaction?

Selecting the right roof for your home involves educating yourself about roofing products, choosing a good contractor, and learning the right questions to ask. Costs will vary depending on material, labor costs, job location and complexity of roof design.