Comparisons of Roofing Materials

By February 8, 2011Tips

A few years ago my Wife and I bought a new home. We had found a nice place in the country, and it was just what we wanted. When we bought the home It was in very good shape, except for the roof. We knew the first thing we would have to do is replace the roof and to do that we would have to hire a contractor to do the work on our roof. It made good sense to me to hire someone, I’m not the handiest guy in the world and I wanted it done right. After living in our new home for a month, we started the process of finding a roofing contractor.

The first thing I did was research the matter and see what I could find online, after a few days I had a list of about a half dozen roofing contractors in the area. I wanted to be sure of the contractor I chose so I called up my brother who just had a roof put on. He lives about 15 minutes from my house, so I asked him about who did his roof and the quality of the job. He told me about the guy that did his roof and another couple that had put roofs on friends of his. Two of the contractors were on the list I had found online.

I called up three contractors after speaking with my brother. Over the next few days I had the three come out to my home and give me a quote. After choosing one of the three I gave him a call. I got pretty personal pretty quick on the phone, and double checked on their business license, federal tax ID, proof of bonding, liability and workers’ compensation insurance, and client and credit references. These are all important things to verify when choosing a contractor.

After I had talked to them about all this I inquired about the materials he used. I did my own research and saw that these were high quality materials. After I was sure on his background, and the materials used, He wrote up a contract and after looking it over and signing, we were ready to go. Today I have a bought been professionals very new roof and it looks great!

Take your time when looking for a roofing contractor. You want someone who is highly experienced, legitimate, and well priced. Doing your research now with save you a few headaches in the future. Good Luck!

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